Yalla the Drider Summoner


Yalla is a 5 foot tall drider with silvery white hair, ashy grey skin and red jewel like eyes. As with all driders, she has the upper body of a elf, and the lower body of a giant spider. As with all Elvin kind, Yalla’s torso is slim and leith, though her breasts seem to be disproportionately large compared to her small frame. Her lower body is similarly graceful, with long slim legs and body like a black widow spider and dark black chiten.

She has a gentle disposition and a kind nature, but her foremost thoughts are with her crew and friends, putting them at the forefront of her goals. Despite wanted to come to the aid of others, if her group is in danger, she very well may pull the plug on the job if it means getting everyone out alive.

Though once female, Yalla recently became a hermaphrodite after catching the futa flu from Tamani.


Currently Yalla has a big family, many siblings back on her world of origin and is the mother of 5 baby drider runts( soon to be a mother of 12, onboard the spelljammer. Her current lovers are, Chandra the eidolon, Skezza the harpy girl, Tamani the Minotaur wizard scratches the succubus catgirl, and has a deep blooming romance with indira the tiefling fighter . She has very strong feelings for indira, one of her crew who died in battle but yalla and the others risked their lives to bring her soul back from the abyss. She is friends with Tam and Scratches, and has feelings for both of them, after scratches became a succubus, she soon found herself being hit on and seduced by scratches.

Despite the group finding a powerful transformative deck of cards, yalla has not been drawing from it much, she is quite happy with her body, though she has gained larger breasts, a card that will reincarnate her three times at no cost, the power to become a magical girl, and stronger spider limbs, yalla is likely to not interact with the deck much in the future

Yalla is curretnly pregnant by chandra, what the child will be, is unknown, some halfbreed of an outsider and a drider.


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