Tam the Minotaur Wizard


Tam is a “Manotaur” or Minitaur mage. He has addictive cum, a feature common among the nobles of his race, implicating that he has more than a little royal blood in him. His face is humanoid, though his nose’s tip is slightly animalistic and pierced with a ring. Two prominent horns rise from his head, allowing him to gore his foes when backed into a situation where magic cannot solve his problems.

He favors enchantment spells but specializes in no schools – he will use whatever magic will allow him to progress as an adventure and a lover.


Tam is generally proud to serve underneath captain Yalla, but he has a deep seated distrust and dislike of Scratches. He does not understand the Captain’s affection for such an untrustworthy miscreant. For now, he will tolerate him.

Tam’s first conquest was a chubby shopkeeper in the starting town. She quickly came to enjoy his company and now serves as a shopkeeper and the first member of Tam’s soon-to-be harem.

The goddess Pharasma gifted him with enlarged balls after an intimate encounter with one of her statues, and he used them to great affect in order to recruit one of her priestesses.

Not long after, Tam recruited an Aasimar actress to the cause after seducing her.

Tam has also tit-fucked a poetry-obsessed tiefling, though he did not stick around to recruit her.

Finally, while trying to rescue a group of people from the Abyss, Tam wound up getting tapped to father a succubus lord’s offspring so that she could regain her throne. He did so with gusto, and even gained her favor and an item that would allow him to permanently create a portal to her realm in the future.


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