Scratches the Catfolk Rogue


Scratches is a 5 foot catfolk female rogue. her usual fashion is within dark gray clothing and wearing a large cloak that covers her body. scratches often looks androgynous and gender can not be easily told even with a close glance unless she willingly dresses her self up to be seen as otherwise.


Scratches started off her adventure as she states as “a excuse to get away from my psychopathic family and have some fun”. Scratches is often distrusting of most and runs her life off a mercenary mindset, believing that people are motivated by self interest and greed.Scratches often gets her self introuble in her attempts to amuse her self, but is often not a true schemer unless her wrath and hatred is fully induced.Scratches also recieved a scar on her left eye at a very young age, which she uses as a self reminder to her self that the only true way to protect what you love and get what you want, is to be as underhanded and sly as possible.

Scratches adores both yalla and Chloie, thinking of Chloie as a wiser little sister and Yalla as her queen for her to serve. she also sees them as the two exceptions to her lifes motto, and believes that neither of them are motivated by greed.

Scratches holds Tam in poor regard, as she sees him as a playboy who gets distracted too easily by the promise of sex.

Roy is seen as in a rather neutral light but she remains on guard for his antics

Aurura is seen in a more positive light, while they havent shared many words, she keeps scratches and co alive, and shows know disproval or disdain against scratches.

wynn is a enigma at the moment too scratches, and is only sure that Wynn lacks mental stability.


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